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Default Re: Amin Asikainen vs Piotr Wilczewski who wins

Originally Posted by MaliBua View Post
Asikainen said himself that the loss will end his career and that would not happen thou this time..

Asikainen should have left middleweight long time ago. Cutting The Weight was too much for him. Beliebe me or not, you propably laugh your ass off but Asikainen was Weight drained in his last fight at middle.. He could not take evne a fuken Jab..

The Fight will end in Knock Out and I hope Idi Amin takes it. He is a Warrior and did bring Finnish boxing back alive. He is Modern Day Finnish Boxing Legend, that's for sure.

Asikainen is our finnish hero.
What about Ville Pispainen? He is a nice prospect, and I'd think he would be a bit more popular in Finland right now (having more of his career ahead of him, and more upside).

He isn't a KO artist like Asikainen, though.
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