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Default Re: Colin Jones/Laing...........

Originally Posted by Cobra33
would have both beaten Hatton.Both were more talented and both would have beaten Hatton.

Hell I think Junior Witter all these years would have busted up and stopped Hatton but Hatton's people wouldn't make the bout.

Hattons claim to fame?He mauled a past his prime KT who would have cleaned his clock if he had anything left.
so what's happened then?hattons just lost to an alltime great.
well for what it's worth,no i don't think he beats laing or jones.the first problem for ricky is that they're both fully fledged welterweights.with laing he has the better chance despite kirklands skills,his constant pressure might just have worn laing down,but remember laing outpointed an admitedly unmotivated roberto duran,and was schooling jones twice before running into big shots from jones.that would be ricky's problem with jones.power.if ricky employed his normal go forward style he would sooner or later walk onto powershots,and against a power punching welter like jones he'd be in trouble.if he stayed away from the big shots then he could outwork jones.hatton has a superior work and punchrate than jones had,but i'd have to take for witter i think he has a better chance now against hatton than before the mayweather fight.
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