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Default Re: Amin Asikainen vs Piotr Wilczewski who wins

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
What about Ville Pispainen? He is a nice prospect, and I'd think he would be a bit more popular in Finland right now (having more of his career ahead of him, and more upside).

He isn't a KO artist like Asikainen, though.
Rasilla fight was his first big fight here in Finland. And Sadly, It didn't get much attention cause before fight everyone was talking about Abraham-Froch fight. There was no space for Ville in finnish media.. And when Piispanen captured that title in Italy the fight wasn't even shown here in Finland.. But I hope and I believe that he will be more known in the future..

It was whole different thing when Amin Asikainen knocked the F out Christophe Tendil for the EU-title here in Finland back in 2006. Boxing was nothing at the moment before Asikainen. Brutal win over Tendil gave him some attention and only one month later he knocked out Sebastian Sylvester and EBU-belt was him. That moment was like a new born for finnish boxing. The hero was born. Then Asikainen defended his title twice and lost it in rematch against Sylvester. It was a highly controversial fight. And then Asikainen came back and stopped Yori Boy Campas. Atmosphere in Campas fight was amazing. Then there were those fights against Gevor and Macklin.. But one thing was sure: Amin made something unexpected when he stopped Sylvester. And that was a new begining to Finnish boxing. Now we have many good prospects and great P3 Promotions. And maybe the biggest reason for that is Amin Asikainen. He was the reason why media started to give some interest to boxing. Amin is a hero of finnish boxing. And got to say that he is also a great person. So humble and always very loayl to his fans.

And the feeling when Amin is coming to the ring.. Hells bells begins and the bell comes down(Vitali copied that).. The WHOLE crowd is standing and clappping their hands together.. Simply Amazing.

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