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Default Re: Strangest thing you have seen in a fight

That's nuts.

The Bowe v Tillery incident where Tillery kicked him and Newman pulled Tillery over the top rope WWE style was insane.

One of the most bizarre incident involves Jimmy Abbot, a local heavyweight who stood 6'6 and weighed around 280 lbs. or so. Big guy.

The opponent was the Zimbabwean champion, who was literally too scared to throw a punch, or even stand up. He cowered in a corner kind of like a frightened cat and refused to come out.
Abbott walks on over and as soon as he gets close, this guy darts to the opposite corner and cowers again. This goes on for about a minute with Abbott looking totally bewildered and the other guy looking petrified, when the refs stops it.
I'm not sure if they ruled it a TKO or a NC, but the "fight" was totally bizarre.
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