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Default Re: Ufc 74: Bj Penn Vs Deigo Sanchez!!!

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
Diego is a bad matchup for {enn because he is good and actually fights back and won't stop coming. Penn is like post-Douglas Tyson, loads of talent, no heart or stamina.
Like he did against Kos? Diego would do 1 of 2 things if he ever fought Penn.

1. Talk up his "newly achieved" boxing and stand up skills AGAIN and try and beat BJ on his feet. this will lead to him getting badly beaten to the punch over and over again, frustrated at his inability to hurt BJ and eventually see him get stunned or try and take BJ down.

2. Try and take it to the ground. I honestly don't even think Diego could get Penn down. He does not have the wrestling that Hughes has and look how hard it was for him to get BJ down. And once he's down there.....then what? GNP him? I think not. BJ will own Diego on the ground. Sanchez is not in Hughe's or GSP's class.....maybe only in BJJ, but that means **** because he isn't going to beat BJ that way.
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