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Default Re: Lennox lewis vs George Foreman - Physical strength

Originally Posted by Seamus View Post
He was 217 versus Frazier and 6 foot 3.5".

Lewis was at this best around 235 and measured a full 6 foot and 5 inches in stocking feet.

Please to be referencing the results of presses and sets between the two by which you will prove Foreman's greater strength. Lewis undoubtedly fought in an era of stronger fighters (for whatever reasons you chose to believe), which may lead to the impression he possessed less strength. However, did he have the opportunity to fight those scrawny heavies of the 70's he would have looked like Atlas.
yes, peak lewis weighed 235 pounds, peak foreman was post norton, he was green against frazier,he was only norton he weighed 224-232 pounds, lewis weighed 220 pounds against mike weaver.foreman did train his speed in his early pro career, if you check his amateur career, he weighed 226-230 pounds.(you have it on youtube). lewis was a bit taller, but foreman was naturally more compact and stronger, he had a more solid structure of bones, he had stronger arms as well. if you put they both with the same nutrition,advantages and training. and foreman is stronger.plain and simple.
the lewis fans are comparing the heaviest lewis with the lightest foreman. then i can say that lewis weighed 220 pounds against weaver and foreman weighed 232 in 1976... OR OLD FOREMAN WEIGHED 257 POUNDS AND LEWIS WEIGHED 220 AGAINST WEAVER SO FOREMAN WAS 37 POUNDS HEAVIER LMAO.and lewis was taller so foreman was more robust. the heaviest young foreman in his 20s weighed 232 pounds, the heaviest young lewis in his 20s weighed 235 pounds. lewis weighed 245 pounds in his 30s, we never saw foreman in his 30s. foreman weighed 257 pounds in his 40s(bigger and stronger than any version of lewis), this version of foreman without fat he would have weighed 240 pounds, plain and simple. the difference of weight was not relevant. like i said, marciano weighed 185 pounds and he was stronger than ali that weighed 214-220 pounds. AND EVANDER HOLYFIELD SAID THAT FOREMAN WAS STRONGER NAD HARDER PUNCHER THAN TYSON,LEWIS,BOWE,TUA OR ANY OF HIS RIVALS

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