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Default Re: When is Hatton returning to the UK?

Actually I think Ricky underperformed and I expected allot more from him, and this is coming from someone who wanted Mayweather to win.

Ricky talked about intelligent pressure but broke rule number 1 coming in with his guard down - the ultimate sin. Thats why Mayweather tagged him so cleanly. He moved in without a jab, breaking rule number 2. This made Ricky even easier to counter. Ricky took too long looking at Floyd before getting his shots off breaking rule number 3. This is sort of excusable as Floyd is hard to pin down BUT Floyd was stationary and Ricky just needed to let loose. He seemed too intimidated to give it his all. Ricky even threw less punches that he usually does. Ricky averaged 60punches a round in many of his fights but was down to 35punches a round against Mayweather.

The disapointing thing is Hatton has performed better against lower level fighters. He used a jab and tight guard very regularly early in his career against Tackie. As mentioned he threw 60punches a round in many of his other fights. pressure was what woudl give Ricky a chance and he didn't pull it out.

Ricky underperformed plain and simple. he has regressed since 2004 and kept his bad habits, which picking on smaller and older men who have let him get away with.

I've wanted to see Ricky lose for years BUT was sad to see it finally happen when he could have done so much better

BTW I've become a Hatton fan now hes been humbled and dont have to listen to his fans talking about him being 1 of the best of all time. I am interested to see how he bounces back
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