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Default Re: ***The Official Golota Express!***

Originally Posted by Bubba
Isn't there a second Golota Express on here too?

Can Golota have two Official Expresses simultaneously?!

I think so!!

The Golota Express has been so busy lately, I think having 2 or even 3 might be in order. Hell, we should have no less than FIVE! GX-1, Gx-2, GX-3, GX-4, GX-5. Then we will need a few mini sub-trains rolling as well. This will create even MORE Golota threads and posts. Before you know it ESB will become submerged with Golota madness. The Golota army will begin to multiply at an alarming rate as more and more recruits will join the Golota faithful. ESB will eventually be bought out by The Golota Express. All who resist the take over will be ostracized to ****ty boxing websites like Boxing Addicts.

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