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Default Re: Did Billy Graham and Team Hatton con the british public

What a nonesense thread this is.

Just because Hatton lost, everyone around him should have known BEFORE the fight he'd lose?

The only real problem for Hatton in this fight was he couldn't land affective punches on the inside when he got there. He was fast enough to get inside whenever he tried and was competitive through-out the first 7 rounds, until he tired instead of Floyd. So Kerry Keyes should have known that inside Floyd would be able to negate Hatton, is Kerry Keyes a seer all of a sudden?

Any real boxing fan who was judging this fight sensibly knew that Hatton was about a 10/1 shot for the win, because before the fight it was conceivable that he could have landed when he got inside, and wore Floyd down. But it was always more likely that Floyd wouldn't let him inside or be able to stop him working if he did.

Hatton and his team had every right to be confident, because unlike 90% of Floyd's opponents, Hatton actually stood a chance of beating him because his style was either going to be hell for Floyd or his style was going to be made for Floyd... Simple as that. This thread is ****.
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