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Default Re: Did Billy Graham and Team Hatton con the british public

Originally Posted by Tony Harrison
Deep down they must have known Hatton could not win, due more to Mayweather's superiority than making the weight imo.

However they had an oppotunity to make a mega fight and had they not taken it on we would all feel deprived and 'conned' out of a massive boxing boxing occasion.

More a case of reality catching up with Team Hatton on the night than a cynical purely money making exercise imo.

As for the mainstream British media since when have they known **** all about boxing?
couldnt agree more tony. not even Cotto who i rate very highly.

if hatton did turn down the fight all us fans wouldnt have had the months of excitment building up to this fight. also there would all be the snipers saying hatton is totally overrated he only ever fought a kosta tsyzu who was over the hill etc etc.

also can anyone else tell me what boxer could have beat PBF on sat night??? cause i cant think of 1.
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