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Default Re: In the last 30 years- p4p whose better than Sugar Ray Leonard

Originally Posted by chimba
I cant believe no one says Hagler. This is the man who stayed in his own division for over 10 years FILTERING the best his division has to offer.

Everyone seems so fascinated by fighters moving up and down, these are the same reason we have so many what if's scenario.

You have to respect guys like Hagler and Hopkins, even for just the discipline of keeping weight all those years.
Hagler is close but fact is, Hagler made his name beating up ATG's who were naturally smaller than him. SRL made his name beating up ATG's his size, smaller and above. On top of that he did beat Hagler though that fight could have been scored either way. Also I think staying in your own weight class is easier than moving up to seek the best on that division. What SRL did moving up to MW to beat ATG Hagler would be simmilar to Hagler moving up to LHW and beating RJJ(if they were from same era). Certainly very impressive.
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