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Default Re: Whats with all the Newbies?...

to all inturlektallz newbies.
sorry for the hate som of us more...experienced posters give you. the thing with boxing is that it's a passiontate sport and sides get taken very easily,and when you get a guy talking about "khan would spark hatton" with only 25 usually take sides.

there are guys who are older but have known about boxing for half there lives and when they get on a forum they will say words of wisdom....this is rare and you'll get people with little knowledge who will make a thread of anythign they amn well's terrible.

but i must admit i learned alot of my knowledge through this site. my first thread was the legendary "biceps are useless" thread and what does "pbf mean" (to be honest i hate thiese short names but once yougot them then you are sorted
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