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Default Re: Vitali Klitschko vs. Max Baer

Originally Posted by Duodenum
Max Baer demonstrated a fine hard jab against Schmeling. Early in the sensational first round of his bout with a peaking Joe Louis, he battered the Bomber along the ropes with wince inducing left hooks. Baer was also known for his body attack, especially his right to the ribs.

While I don't believe Max quite had Shavers type power in his monstrous right, what really set him apart from Earnie was his ability to take a punch, and the capacity to drown his opponents in deep water.

Today's modern and steroid inflated superheavyweights would have posed no problem for Baer with their size whatsoever. Maxie grew up and sparred with a brother virtually identical in stature to Carnera. While Buddy Baer never optimized the use of his jab, his reach did significantly exceed that of the Klitschko boys. Neither of them ever went beyond 12 rounds, while the Madcap One decisioned King Levinski over 20 rounds, went another 20 rounds with rugged Paulino Uzcudun, and decked Tommy Farr twice, in scoring a lopsided 15 round rematch verdict.

Finally, at certain times in his career, Maxie had a failproof motivation for winning, which I'll identify momentarily.

I have just viewed footage of Vitalis Klitty for the very first time, and after extremely careful ****ysis, have been able to formulate a logically concrete rationale for determining the winner of such a pairing with Einsteinian certainty.

Here it is:

If it looks like a dweeb, walks like a dweeb, talks like a dweeb, and boxes like a dweeb, it's a dweeb! (I know my own kind when I see them!)

Now isn't that a simple and elegant solution to this question. (And you all probably thought I was a superficial ignoramus!)

Ultimately, the victor will be the one who gets a night in bed with Mae West as his reward.

Max Baer TKO 14 Vitalis Klitty
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