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Default Re: Best Trilogy Fight of All time?

Originally Posted by Bill Butcher View Post
I agree, Ive only ever seen their 1st fight... their best fight according to 99% of people & that was a very good fight, nothing more, not `great` but just `very good`..... it was a case of Gatti outboxing Ward for the majority of the fight, then Ward makes it a bit of a tear up in the last few rds... rd 9 was the stuff of legends tho & if it wasnt for that particular rd then this fight, never mind this trilogy would never get mentioned in the same breath as EM-MAB, Ali-JF etc.

I thought the first bout was great, but the trilogy as a whole gets overrated. It was pretty one sided, Gatti won 22-25 of the 30 rounds in the trilogy. Gatti broke his hand in the 4th round (I think) of the third bout. Of the 6 rounds after that, Ward could only manage to win one of them, and that was after losing the first 2:55 of it.

Gatti-Ward 3 was not more deserving of 2003 Fight of the Year than bouts like Toney-Jirov and Gomez- Arthur.
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