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Default Re: Did Billy Graham and Team Hatton con the british public

Originally Posted by robpalmer135
Billy Graham new that Hatton could not win at Welterweight, Kerry Kayes must of known. These guys along with the Journolists at the Sun and Mirror who should have known better, conned the public into beleiving Hatton could win, making out Mayweather had not trained properly, and had not fought someone like Hatton before.

Even some of the guys on here fell for it, who are meant to know about boxing1
I don't mean to be rude but I have read a number of your comments on here and it is YOU who knows nothing about boxing.

Of course it was a risk taking the fight at welterweight, but that was the only way they were going to get Floyd in the ring for a multi-million pound fight.

Before the fight a number of people tipped Hatton and gave him a chance - there's no shame in that at all - no-one knew how Floyd would react to his constant pressure, no-one knew if Floyd could avoid Hatton's body blows. Plus Floyd isn't the biggest, hardest hitting welterweight in the world, and had prepared by going on a TV show.

Also Mayweather had not fought anyone exactly like Hatton before - and fighters who applied pressure in the past, like Castillo and De la Hoya, enjoyed a bit of success.

I didn't think Hatton would win, but I could understand people's arguments in his favour.
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