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Originally Posted by Finesse74 View Post
I drink six star whey protein.
I work from 11:30-8pm.

I drink the shake when I wake up at 8am.
Hit the gym at 9am.
Take a shower, change and drink another shake.

Monday - Chest and Abs
Tuesday - Arms
Wednesday - Back
Thursday - Shoulders
Friday - Legs...I do some more chest workouts afterwards by myself

Been doing that routine for a 3 months now and I have gained muscle fast. Increased my bench by 50 pounds plus more.

I always had abs, but never a I'm getting a cut chest...not as much as I want, but I'm sure I'll get there with 3 more months.


Diet...I don't diet. I'm too much of a fatass. I just don't eat fatty foods, eat in small protions and drink my shakes. Anything else is good game. I drink a ass of water. I refill my water bottle at work at least 4 times a day.
Maybe thats a good training, but I do a bit different

i dont have the specific days i go but anyway, my priority is chest and biceps

so every time i go i excise chest and biceps plus add something extra like back shoulders triceps or anything else, than set ups then a mile or 2 run with the speed going up and down
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