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Default Re: who is the greatest of all time? vote.

Originally Posted by anarci View Post
Duran is usually ranked higher than Fitz Or Moore. And hes on par with half of the others.
i didn't include the 'top nine greats' in the poll options. i included the nine who i felt people could argue are the greatest. it essentially came down to including two of ali, duran, moore and benny leonard. i thought a more obvious case could be made for ali or moore being the goat, than the other two, not because their accomplishments are necessarily greater, but because they are more 'unique'. different people use different criteria for their lists, and i couldn't imagine criteria that make duran the greatest (i could for benny leonard, but someone had to be sacrificed). on the other hand, i found it easier to imagine criteria that would make ali or moore the top fighter. in fact, i'd have duran and benny leonard above ali and moore, but this is simply a vote for number one.

if you think duran, benny leonard, or someone else is the goat, you can select 'other'.
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