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Default Re: Alexander Dimitrenko vs. Albert Sosnowski?

Originally Posted by Big_Alison1 View Post
And from what i've seen Sosnowski is relatively flat footed and stationary, would I be right in saying that?
yea but hes way more active in the ring than Dimitrenko.

If your a active fighter and throw a lot of punches and move a lot, you pretty much have a great chance in winning vs Dimitrenko. Sosnowski is pretty active but his problem is that he gases, when round 7 hits he isn't the same fighter from round 1. Sosnowski should win, but he will get robbed on the cards. I think Sosnowski will win around 7-5, but it will be a Dimitrenko win due to the German factor. They aren't gonna let a Pole win vs. a German hometown hero, thats for damn sure. Albert needs to go in the ring looking for that KO.

Someone like a Adamek would make pork chops out of Dimitrenko in a round 10 TKO easy.

This is a 50/50 fight. Im rooting for Albert.
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