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Default Re: Which year had better heavyweights

Some interesting notes:

Tucker and Tyson are stong top guys and the fought the most meaningful HW fight of the year. Biggs was a strong up and comer but...

-Spinks fought one fight in 87...against the unranked ****ey and was stripped of his title.

-Holyfield entered the top 3 without a single HW win in 87. The division was that cleaned out by Tyson and drugs at this time. Evander literally walked into the top 3 on the strength of his CW accomplishments.

The other top 5:

-Tim Witherspoon was coming of a 1 KO loss to Smith and would not face another ranked contender for many years.

-Thomas lost to Berbick and Tyson, without a single ranked win around this time.

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