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Default Re: Alexander Dimitrenko vs. Albert Sosnowski?

I don't know why. I hope they are not trying to screw Albert, but this the only explanation for hiding the fight that comes to my mind. I

Universum is in really bad shape. They lack money, lack good fighters. Two weeks ago Albert didn't even know where and if the fight will take place

Boxing is for fans. In Poland for sure the fight would be a sell out, as a main event and have a TV coverage. Albert is not our biggest boxing star, but he is really well known, not only for boxing fans. Beside that he is a likable inteligent guy. Universum won the purse for 170k Euro, and they are not even trying to get some revenue from selling tickets or TV .....

It does not look good Albert. The first time Dimitirenko "fainted" one hour before the fight, without even his hands taped. Albert got problems with receiving money for his hotel, preparation etc. We will see Saturday what will happen now. Hope somebody will register the fight and put it on YT.
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