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Default Re: Don't know if any of you realised by Shogun tapped

Originally Posted by yaca you View Post
Well I wonder how you know that?

Shogun was clearly not 100%, if you deny that its hard to believe you are familiar with shoguns career.

That said I am not taking anything away from a fantastic performance by Jon jones, Im sorry but the shogun jones beat was the same shogun forrest did, and I give them both credit for their victory over one of the best Lhw to ever live. Just dont think that was the best Rua had to offer if he was 100%.

I know any differnt perspective on the fight on this forum is immediately seen as crashing the jon jones party we seem to be having, but we have to be realistic here, it was a great win over an opponent who wasnt his best.

Hopefully in the future their will be a rematch.
You are hopeless. I already explained it above. FIGHTERS DO NOT LOOK THE SAME WHEN THEY ARE GETTING DESTROYED AS THEY DO WHEN THEY ARE WINNING! That doesn't mean they weren't 100%. It means that their 100% wasn't enough.

I am so ****in tired of everyone pulling this "wasn't the same" or "wasn't 100%" bull**** everytime a fighter loses. It's MMA... fighters look different fight to fight. Especially when they are fighting somebody who manhandles them.

Did Anderson Silva look the same against Chael as he did against Belfort? No.. of course not. Because Chael is a different opponent and forced Silva to look much worse.
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