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Default Re: Don't know if any of you realised by Shogun tapped

Originally Posted by Popkins View Post
Not as pathetic as flinging your toys out the pram when it is suggested that coming off knee surgery may have affected Shogun... considering it obviously DID affect him massively last time.

So, you think that Shogun is stupid? That he made the same mistake twice? His knee seemed fine enough to kick harder than ever recorded on a TV show directly BEFORE the fight. All of the sudden people are saying his knees were too shot to throw a kick in the fight?

It's pathetic. Shogun is supposed to be a professional. If he can't find the ability to come into fights at his best, then he is either a horrible professional or simply not as good as people think he is.

I happen to believe that Shogun is a GREAT fighter, who came up against an even GREATER fighter. Simple as that. We don't need a million excuses every time that certain fighters lose. It gets extremely old hearing the same old lame ass excuses for the same fighter over and over again.
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