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Default Re: The boxing equipment thread

Originally Posted by ShamrockNapalm View Post
Does anybody know how to clean the inside of boxing gloves. I've had my Ringside gloves for about 4 months and they're starting to smell real bad because of all the sweat.
There is no real way to beat "The Funk". You must just learn to manage it.

Best thing to do is to buy a second set of the same glove (or different one) and alternate. Then get you a bottle of plain white rubbing alcohol and hit the gloves with it inside after a good workout. Then go buy some of the crystal cat liter which is really just silica gel. (The same stuff in the 'do no eat' packets used to dry out food.) Fill two large gym socks with it and then stuff that in your gloves during the pair of gloves' day off.

Using each pair every other day should completely fix your issue, but "The Funk" is there to stay!
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