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Default Re: Where is Marvin Hagler in your Top Middleweights ATG?

Originally Posted by Senya13
How are these three key fights?
Al McCoy -"Greb won every round..Never did he fight an easier opponent."
Well, how about crediting Greb for some of that? McCoy was on the slide, but Greb gave him a hell of a whooping.
Mike McTigue - no weight for 2nd fight, the 1st, "It was a very easy win for Harry." and 1917-1918 weren't good years for McTigue, no good at all.
Well, Greb beat him easy when he was up and he beat him easy when he was down.

Eddie McGoorty - no weight listed, and he had not achieved a single meaningful win after his return.
It was fought for the "service middleweight title". I'm assuming they had to make weight, but say they didn't... the report still says that it was a great fight and McGoorty put up plenty of opposition.

If you have weights for those other fights, list them here. But, please, exclude the Jack Blackburn fight (also didn't win a single meaningful fight after his return to the ring and was coming off a W1-L7 series).
I don't have weights for those fights, but I suspect some could have been under the middleweight limit.


For the 1917-05-22 fight against George Chip he had weighed 155 and a half 3 days earlier against Jeff Smith.

The 1918-08-06 fight with Battling Levinsky came 10 days before the McGoorty fight, which was fought as I said for the "service middleweight title". Two weeks later he weighed 150 for the Billy Miske fight.

The 1918-03-04 fight against Jack Dillon came between bouts with Mike O'Dowd (where he weighed 155 1/2 and Mike McTigue where he weighed 160).

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