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Default Re: who is the greatest of all time? vote.

Originally Posted by goat15 View Post
who are these 'other' choices that people are voting for? maybe i shouldn't have included moore on the list after all...
True. I was kind of surprised you did. As great as Archie was, his 0-3 record against Charles, with their final match the most conclusive, is deadly to his all time standing. (That eighth round knockout was also Ezz's last win before Baroudi, very possibly his peak performance.) Among old timers, Gans and Benny Leonard would have been much stronger selections than the Mongoose.

G, I suspect those 'other' choices are with respect to more recent competitors. Ali is the most recent name on your list. Many would prefer Duran or SRL in his place, but the surprising number of votes for Muhammad validate your inclusion of him in your poll. So, you missed with Moore but nailed an unexpected (to many) strike with Ali.

Robinson, as might be expected, is running away with this. Yet, he could have substantially enhanced his MW resume if he'd carried on after Maxim. That second reign was the only one which produced multiple successful defenses (against Olson and Graziano). He might have been able to generate four or five defenses a year from 1952 to 1956 if he hadn't challenged at 175. We know Olson couldn't beat him. He may well have held it in an uninterrupted reign until Gene Fullmer came along in 1957.

In a couple more years, Greb's standing might continue to improve, as the reframe of his accomplishments continue to be promoted further.
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