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Default Re: who is the greatest of all time? vote.

Originally Posted by goat15 View Post
thanks for your feedback. i thought about including duran, but i really didn't want this to just be a popularity contest, so i tried to include fighters who would not only attract votes but for whom a real case could be made for the number one slot.

duran is one of my favourite fighters to watch, and i'd have him in a top ten. but come on, how could you argue that he's the greatest of all time? what did he do that no one else did? as far as i was concerned, moore's longevity and ko record were unique achievements that i thought at least someone would vote for.

i essentially looked at my top ten, took out duran, benny leonard and ross, and put in ali and moore. now i'm thinking i maybe should have included joe louis (title defences) or benny leonard (dominated a truly great era) instead though. have no regrets about leaving out duran.
That's perfectly fine, G. After all, it's your poll. That you were astute enough to contemplate Ross speaks well for your selection process. Again, that Ali has done so well would be a revelation to many.

You are curious as to who is getting the most votes for 'Other,' and among my primary suspects would have been Gans (who Langford would have voted for), Benny Leonard, Louis, Duran, and SRL (who I don't like and would never vote for, but many might). While I'm partial to the Manassa Mauler like Burt, I suspect that Louis would have garnered by far the most votes among the heavyweights you left out.

Personally, I have the Duran of DeJesus III, Palomino and Montreal as my top pick since 1950, but he didn't have the incredible record that Moore generated after turning 35 in December 1951, and I would never select him as my GOAT. (Beyond that age milestone, only Marciano, Patterson, Rinaldi and young Clay beat Arch. He avenged Rinaldi over the championship distance for his final title win.)
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