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Default Re: who is the greatest of all time? vote.

Originally Posted by Duodenum View Post
You are curious as to who is getting the most votes for 'Other,' and among my primary suspects would have been Gans (who Langford would have voted for), Benny Leonard, Louis, Duran, and SRL (who I don't like and would never vote for, but many might). While I'm partial to the Manassa Mauler like Burt, I suspect that Louis would have garnered by far the most votes among the heavyweights you left out.
i'm of the opinion that benny leonard fought in a toughter era than joe gans, and that leonard is the greatest lightweight of all time. good cases could be made for both, though. at this level all of these fighters are special. i agree that joe louis could have been included, and that a fair few have voted for him. i just felt that more would vote for ali as the greatest heavyweight, and so more would vote for him as the greatest pound for pound too.

in conclusion then, gans, b. leonard or louis may have been better choices than moore. ideally, there would have been fifteen poll options! that would have made this much easier. thanks again for your comments
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