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Default Re: Fantasy match up- Fedor Vs George Foreman

Originally Posted by combatesdeboxeo View Post
the fan girls of mma obviously will pick fedor, but the facts are foreman might put fedor to sleep with a single punch
Might.. And then what?

Dumb question.. Fedor would win in more ways than one.

Fedor takes him down, or slams, submission lock, fight over. In a fight, anyone can be put to sleep with a single shot. Foreman can't grapple, no great boxer could, with a C class Mixed Martial Artists.

People like to think Foreman, or any decent boxer, would walk through Fedor, but quite the opposite would happen. Foreman would have no idea what to do about punches/elbows in Fedor's clinch, or how to defend an elbow or spinning back fist.

Like I always say in these threads, boxers only know two things, how to defend and throw a punch, in a street scuffle, a equally skilled man in this sport (MMA) will always have his way unless he gets caught by a punch.
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