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Default Re: Fantasy match up- Fedor Vs George Foreman

Originally Posted by Dave_j1985 View Post
Whoever can impose their game first wins. If Foreman catches Fedor coming in, it can be all over. If the first good shot doesn't knock him out it certainly slows him down enough for Foreman to finish. If Fedor closes the gap and gets the clinch relatively unscaved, a well executed hip toss (remembering this is a street fight and not fought on mats) could stop George, if not Fedor probably finishes him with a choke. I doubt he goes for an arm bar in a street fight where there is no tapping, he puts George to sleep and ends the fight.

I think this is 50/50
So what you are saying is there is a 50% chance that Foreman lands a one punch KO?
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