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Default Re: Bowe - Golota: Who would have won the two fights if the Pole wasn't a dumbass?

Originally Posted by Cookie
He would have almost certainly won the second fight I'm sure. That was pretty one-sided.

The first fight was closer and we can't know what would have happened. Of course Golota was performing better than Bowe in that one as well, but it was not quite as inevitable as the second bout.
Actually I thought Golota was more dominating the first time around. Certainly, Bowe took a more brutal physical beating the 2nd time around, but Bowe actually had some success in the 2nd fight, winning the 3rd round, dropping and hurting Golota in round 4. In the first fight, I'm not sure if I gave Bowe a single round (what was Lederman watching?).
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