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Default Re: Video: Anderson Silva's First and Last Boxing Match

Originally Posted by Money Shot View Post
yeah sure, put him in with Carl Froch, Bute or Dirrell, and KO1. You could train these guys in mma basics like takedown defense, pulling guard, head locks, basic submissions etc and in a month they'd be smashing up Silva.
Toney and Mercer had more than a month of training in MMA.. You see where they rank in the sport.

It's common in this section for boxing fans to come in and marginalize Mixed Martial Artist to pro boxing so they can feel better about themselves and shortly forget what a sad state boxing is right now, tired of this ****. Never noticed until after Toney got clowned by a Couture.. All you salty mother ****ers can kick rocks.. You boxing fans who post this **** are making yourselves and the sport you love look bad.
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