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Default Re: Bowe - Golota: Who would have won the two fights if the Pole wasn't a dumbass?

Originally Posted by maciek4
No Golota was still ok, he had no problems throwing punches at Bowe's cornermen after the first fight. He did it because thats how he reacts to being fauled, he wants to faul back. Bowe kept him hiting behiond the head so Golota wanted to retaliate for this.

Absolutely correct. Golota's attitude is if you foul me, I'll foul you back. He feels that the ref will ignore his opponents infractions, but get on AG's case for his. Watch after the first KD in the 2nd fight. When Golota has him up against the ropes & they're close, Bowe seems to try a minor headbutt & AG comes back with his own, IMMEDIATELY! Cotton stopped the action right then & there to warn Golota.

Water under the bridge...
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