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Default Re: Zuffa now doing Strikeforce press credentials

Originally Posted by Dave_j1985 View Post
What makes you think it's not the bias ones they're trying to keep out? It's no secret Dana's burnt some bridges, who's to say there's not journalists who will drag the UFC through the mud despite how good/bad a card might be.

Besides as long as Ariel Hewanni keeps getting in we'll be alright.

Is this supposed to be Hitler Germany?

Journalists are journalists, they should be able to report and report how and what they want provided they have proof. What youll get now is a whole bunch of journalists sucking up to Dana and Zuffa, saying that they love the $hit theyve been fed simply because they have nowhere else to go.

Ariel Hewanni is one of these sucking up to Dana, M1 has already called him out for this bias. Ariel bagged out a promotion unfairly and even when he was given all the info before hand. Ariel manly just reports on UFC now and not MMA, have you ever wondered why Arielnow gets all the juicy UFC info's?
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