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Default Re: Video: Anderson Silva's First and Last Boxing Match

Originally Posted by BobDigi5060 View Post
Anderson holds his own against a average kickboxer, he's a former Chute Boxe fighter and champion. You have seen his striking and finishes in MMA, get real, nobody average is going to tool Anderson Silva in kickboxing.

He would still today hold his hands too low in a boxing match to be effective, but so what.. Having Anderson Silva fight under boxing and kickboxing rules only gives his opponent a shot at winning. If that makes you boxing fans feel any better, keep making threads like this.

We all know Anderson Silva beats the **** outta any boxer, kickboxer, and MMA around his size in a combat sport most similar to a true s****

Anderson's kickboxing is nowhere near top level, he simply looks good against average American kickboxers.

Educate yourself, this is how top level kickboxers look like when they are fighting.BORKED

and this is how an average kickboxer fights against an even worse opponent.
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