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Default Re: In the last 30 years- p4p whose better than Sugar Ray Leonard

No one. It is arguable that all those years before Leonard that he is still the best.

Leonard beat Benitez, Duran, Hearns and Hagler. That's arguably the best 135, 140, 154 and 160 in history. He never beat arguably the best 147 because he could be it!

I don't think any P4Per has really achieved this. Opposition is paramount and I'm not sure I can say Robinson, Armstrong, Pep or any one else has really done that.

Just like Ali at heavy. I can't say any heavy beat a Liston, a Foreman AND a Frazier.

Now on top of all that both these guys got there fair share of achievements so it's like they lost twenty fights with no achievements but 3 or 4 good wins.

Achievements, accomplishments etc are secondary to opposition. The best beating the best and proving what they can do IN THE RING!

Guys like Robinson, Armstrong do bend this rule because on paper they did some stupid **** like Robinson being a major player until 40. That's longevity like Hopkins but after wars, hundreds of fights and some bad living.
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