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Default Re: Video: Anderson Silva's First and Last Boxing Match

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
Meh an average boxer would tool Anderson, a proper kickboxer would also tool Anderson. The think is that Anderson hasnt faced a top level boxer or kickboxer.
Going back to you're original post, what's the signifigance of a dedicated kickboxer or pro boxer beating Anderson Silva under their rules? Why do you come in here and say **** that like to hate on Silva?

So he hasn't faced a top level boxer or kickboxer.. . Do you think MMA fans and historians give a ****? The man today hasn't boxed or kickboxed professionally or years, he's a Mixed Martial Artist.

You can watch all the youtube videos you want and call yourself educated, but you speak ignorance.

I mean, that's cool if you can dissect his game and find his weakpoints, but saying he would get beat in a boxing or kickboxing match like it means something is weak.
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