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Default Re: Anything for Fedor ?

Originally Posted by monaroCountry View Post
No one has passed Fedor, simply he just got old.

Randy has nowhere near as many battles as Fedor, remember that Fedor was a top level Judo fighter and Russian rep with as good a record as many career Judo fighters. After this he then made a name for himself as the greatest Sambo and Combat Sambo fighter in the world. Then he became an MMA fighter.

A prime Fedor would school every top level MMA HW today. Aging happens to every fighter. Every top fighter today will age and get beaten by a less skilled fighter in the future.
Thats hypothetical bearing in mind the style of HW's that are competing in the sport today , Fedor in his hey day would of not had an easy night against todays Velasquez in a cage .....................
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