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Default Re: Anything for Fedor ?

Originally Posted by Axe View Post
Who is Velasquez? I don't think even the Mexicans know. He has one win against a fraudulent roid-monkey who is scared to get hit. That's it.

Fedor is a legend, proven against top competition for many years.

Fedor in his prime has an easy night's work with Cain, in a ring, cage, or in Cain's own house.
THank God sombody replied to that guy. I have no problems with Cain..He looks like a great promising fighter, but until he dominates for 10 years...Everybody in his path (no matter how big, tall, fast, strong, or if there: Tecnically superior, way better on the ground, way better at standup kind of opponents).
Think about all the different people Fedor has beaten, and a lot when they were in there primes. Think about the different sizes, styles, situations this man has faced. The fights he should have lost, but won.
Styles make fights, and MMA it definitely does. GSP has lost, Anderson Silva got dominated by Sonnen to pull it out in the end, etc. and these great fighters lose for good reasons...They got so many styles to compete with.
This is the reason Fedor was the best.
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