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Default Re: UFC fighter caught giving fake urine samples/ proof NSAC needs help

Originally Posted by Round1gymDC View Post
I noticed a lot of people saying "let the commissions handle it" when comes to any kind of blood testing, as if the commissions have all the answers.

So a UFC fighter got caught giving out fake urine samples, and they weren't able to catch him until after he ended another mans career.

Now the thing is, before somebody trys something like this they usually make sure it worked for others or learned it in the sport, so the odds of others doing it, or/and him doing it before is pretty huge. I wonder how many times they don't catch this **** in UFC


I just don't get the accuses those against blood test make
I don't think anyone is really against blood tests. It's more a stance they have for those who are "CRYING" about their opponents CHEATING, therefore creating the platform to demand these tests.

Not that Blood tests will clean up the sport completely b/c it won't. The Olympics use the most stringent tests out there and they have A LOT of trouble catching anyone. Most of those they do catch are caught with THC in their system.

It's not that no one is's just the simple fact that those who are doping are way ahead of the curb. It will be no different in boxing....those who are cuaght will be lesser known fighters who don't have the resources available to beat the testing measures. Those who pass either are clean or have the means to beat any drug tests.
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