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Default Re: Will The Executioner Be Executed?

It amazes me that people think that Calzaghe can't beat Hopkins because he "has not fought any big names or anyone comparable to Hopkins skill level". lol.... That was the ONLY reason given why Hopkins beats Calzaghe. A couple of facts:
  • Calzaghe has no deafeats on his record BECAUSE he has outclassed every boxer he's faced.
  • Hopkins pulled out of a fight with Calzaghe AFTER a deal was reached
  • Hopkins got beaten (albeit disputedly) by Taylor twice

Now given the last point and about 75.14% people predicting Calzaghe whoops Taylor's ass - how can this chump (the writer) call the potential fight with Calzaghe so easily? At best for Bernard, it's a 50/50 fight.

I also think a fight with RJJ would be interesting, I doubt BHop could KO Jones but could see him winning a UD.

As for Winky, we'll see shortly.
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