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Default Re: Anything for Fedor ?

Originally Posted by ozziebattler View Post
Nah dont worry about him avenging his loses how about he takes the ultimate challenge and gets in the cage with Overeem...

Overeem with brutally beat the **** out of the last emperor and then we can all discuss on here how in his prime fedor wouldnt lose to any1 blah blah blah..

When only 6months go he was still considered absolutely unstoppable..Man what a slip...

As some1 stated the game has changed..Fighters are becoming more well rounded and continuely change and evolve..Fedor has and will always be fedor.. A master at what he does...But sometimes the skillset that once worked before doesnt work now..

All in all i just want to see fedor vs Overeem..I havent a clue why it hasnt happened in the first place..
For the last couple of months, I've been making an argument. I have been saying that Fedor has not evolved much over the last few years. I've been saying that Fedor has the same holes in his game now, as he had 5 years ago. The main difference is Fedor is not a young man anymore.

The game hasn't just passed Fedor by. Fedor has not adapted his style to fit his age. Fedor has always had technical shortcomings. Fedor had previously found a way to use his athletic gifts to overcome those shortcomings.
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