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Default Re: In the last 30 years- p4p whose better than Sugar Ray Leonard

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea

Who was the greatest 140 pounder in history that he arguably beat? His fights with Hagler and Hearns are marred with controversy, and he got beat in the rematch with Hearns. He lost to natural LW Duran the first time and beat him again under controversial circumstances the second time and when he was old the 3rd time. Lot of excuses from me, all good wins, but not as good as they seem on paper.
Wilfredo Benitez.

Stop being ridiculous. Excuses, controversy and all that *******s can be brought up for anyone. I'll rip apart Ali, Louis and everyone elses record. Give it some respect like it deserves and it gets it's true worth.

He never got beat in the rematch by Hearns. It was a draw and that is not a controversial decision.

Duran was proven at 147 and up to 160. No shame there. Second time, Duran loss. Some call it controversial, others say excuses. Arcel knows nothing of it and one of Durans mouthpieces admitted he made it up to save face or risk Duran being killed (maybe literally) in Panama. Third time, he was old but so was LEonard, Duran was coming off of amazing Barkley win, Leonard came off of another fight where he looked bad.

Too many legendary wins for it to be a fluke.

They all had MUCH MUCH MUCH deeper resumes though and beat greats in their own right.
Comeptition is paramount and I don't think any P4P fighter has faced arguably the best 135, 140, 154 and 160. Speaks for itself.

Explained above, these fights were in some questionable circumstances, but they are good wins, but once again, not as good as they seem on paper. Also remains the fact that the rest of his resume literally has nothing.
There is always controversy and excuses when the fighter LOSES. Every fight where something is wrong for Leonards opponent think about what was wrong for Leonard and then you'll see your shining bias.

How does the rest of his resume have nothing? It has the typical titlists and contenders like Kalule, Lalonde etc

He didn't have a good enough resume(even decent) aside from these fightys, which again were not as good as you make them out to be given the circumstances in them all. He was a great fighter, and arguably a top 10, but not the greatest at all.
You are talking out of your ****. What I've said about his competition is irrefutable. His competition is unbelievable and legendary to the highest degree.

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