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Default Re: Punching Strength BOXERS VS MMA

I've seen Rampage do 1800 psi on a show. Enzo Macrinelli was recorded as having the same fource as a transit van hitting you at 30 mph. All the research I've seen suggests that heavier fighters hit harder even p4p than lighter fighters.
I don't believe the punchers are born theory. I train both boxing and MMA. I have always thought boxers have better punches. My trainer who has had several fights in both said he's never even been buzzed in a cage. I would say that of course an MMA guy normally wins a fight. Also boxing gloves actually cause more damage than MMA gloves do to the brain although they prevent superficial damage. Boxing has a lot more deaths than MMA because it is all concentrated striking with more damaging gloves. As far as I know there has only been deaths in Vale Tudo (which has less rules).
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