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Default Re: Punching Strength BOXERS VS MMA

Originally Posted by amhlilhaus View Post
I saw that episode, they were all over bas' **** and made him out to be superman, he punched harder than a heavyweight boxer, he kicked harder than a champion muay thai kickboxer, and he lasted longer than any porn star.

when he did the punching test he wound up like a top and swung for the fences, so while it was a impressive result he'd never land a punch like that in a fight.
Yeah, like I said three ****ing years ago (seriously, why dig this stupid thread up?), the fact that a big strong guy that knows how to punch can his as hard as a heavyweight boxer doesn't surprise me. The key here people is that BOXING IS ABOUT 20% PUNCHING, and what makes up the difference from big guys that hit hard and boxers is that boxer can throw hard punches without winding up or getting off balance and can throw them accurately and in combinations, all while moving their head and feet.

This comparison reminds me of trying to put one of those "world's strongest man" goons who has never played football out there and ask them to block and NFL nose tackle. They may both be strong and such, but there are a million techniques that the pro will use to make the other guy look ridiculous that have nothing to do with strength.
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