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Default Re: Eddie Alvarez: "They're Only Important Names Because They Fight In The UFC"

Originally Posted by greathamza View Post
henderson, fedor, overeem, bigfoot, king mo and so on arent in the fc
Really? Based on who's opinions? Yours? The rest of the redneck world who thinks UFC is the only place available to watch MMA?
C'mon man...Up until recently all you rednecks (and I'm saying that as a man from West Virginia..Home of the Hillbillies) thought Brock Lesnar was unstoppable, and was the best fighter in the world.
Who's the best now? Cain? Because he beat Brock Lesnar (who apparently even though he can't take a jab somehow is "The Baddest Man on the Planet!")?
Fedor is somewhat shot, BigFoot is a great HW, and Overeem has come in to his own. These guys have fought of the best in the world, and until Fedor's 2 losses now he was obviously the king of the HW MMA world. Who the hell has Cain fought? The UFC HW division sucks. If they were having a tournament right now it'd be full of shot fighters (Nog), fighters who never really reached there potential (Mir), big guys who gas out in no time, or can't take a punch (Carwin, Lesnar, and heck why not bring back Kimbo), and although I will give them a chance to prove themselves and not **** on them- Green fighters, whom when they lose people will write them off as being overhyped (Cain, and Dos Santos). If Overeem or BigFoot comes to UFC I don't think they'll be having many problems. You don't have to fight in the UFC to fight the best obviously.
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