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Default Re: In the last 30 years- p4p whose better than Sugar Ray Leonard

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
You lack discipline!

C'mon, don't bull**** me.

Ok, the Hearns fight was a good win, most think he lost the rematch, including Leonard himself. Hagler was past his prime, but still a good win, but A LOT think Hagler won. The Benitez fight was a good win. He lost to a top conditioned Duran, and won two rematches with a not so top Duran. All in all, when it comes to the names,, great stuff, but as I said, it's not all about resume, it's about what actually happens and what the circumstance is in the ring, and while he some GREAT wins, they are not as great in real life as they seem on papper. You seem to be going purely by paper. Even with that, he is definitely not the best.

Leonard himself thought he lost, as did most who watched it.

I have no bias, I just don't think Leonard was the greatest in the entire history of boxing because of some controversial situations and some good name wins. I am usually the one defending Leonard.

He fought top names, but those top names were the only good names he fought, the rest of his resume blew, cept maybe Lalonde. Good wins on paper, but it ain't all about paper. He's not the best ever, in any way.
Too many excuses and too much bull****.

Leonard has elite wins that are unrivalled. He also has wins over titlists, contenders and typical cannon fodder. We are talking about a man who use Kalule and a new division as a warm up for THOMAS HEARNS! Not only does he have that he does have longevity going to 35 and he does have accomplishments with 5 division titles.

You don't respect the worth of his wins. No point debating anymore.
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