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Default Re: Eddie Alvarez: "They're Only Important Names Because They Fight In The UFC"

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Who has Barnett fought let alone beat in the past five years?

Why is Sergei such a brilliant heavyweight when he's fought only thrice in three years.

Why is Werdum so obviously superior to all UFC heavyweights when he had a 2-2 record during his time in the organisation - his last fight being him destroyed by JDS.

If its so laughable that Tim Sylvia was once the champion of UFC, why was Arlovski put in the tournament when he was defeated twice in succession by Sylvia?

If Fedor was truly the greatest heavyweight from 2005 to 2010 why is it that not one single fighter he faced from his victory over Cro Cop to his defeat to Werdum managed to win their next fight other than Matt Lindland who returned to the middleweight division?

If Alistair Overeem is a true heavyweight champion then why has he defended his belt only once in the four years he's reigned?

If Antonio Silva is an absolute beast why wasn't he able to finish a glass jawed Arlovski and was almost blitzed by a light heavyweight?

Are UFC heavyweights perfect? Absolutely not, indeed due to the age of them they're not even proven. But the idea that they are significantly inferior to the eight fighters in the grand prix is ludicrious.

Of course hopefully with the UFC owning both promotions gradually such discussions will become a thing of the past and we can enjoy all the matches we want to be seen being made.
I think Carwin, Cain, JDS, hell even Frank Mir would be very competitive against the strikeforce heavies, Nog, Cro Cop and Lesnar on the other hand would get sparked by most of the strikeforce guys.
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