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Default Re: So what's up with Fedor?

Originally Posted by morono****ry View Post
People do get old. The guy has been competing at the highest level since the 90's and has racked up a total number of fights in Judo, Sambo, Combat Sambo and MMA that probably equal if not greater than half of the UFC HW combined.

Fedor has achieved more in Judo than many career top level American Judo fighters, hes also regarded as the best in Sambo and Combat Sambo.

Randy is older but Randy started MMA far later, did not have as many fights and has had far less combat bouts than Fedor.
Randy started mma in 1997, Fedor in 2000. Randy has 29 fights, and Fedor has 35. I'm willing to bet that Randy has wrestled as many matches as Fedor has competed in Judo and Sambo.

The difference between Couture and Fedor is that Couture adapted his style with his age. Fedor has yet to do that.
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