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Default Re: So what's up with Fedor?

Originally Posted by Will Cooling View Post
Partly its age - while Fedor isn't exactly old he has had a long career and Russian athletes tend to physically decline earlier than Americans.

But I do think its goes further than Fedor simply getting old. Firstly against both Werdum and Silva he hasn't turned up in top shape and has come across unmotivated and disinterested. Secondly in both fights his gameplan was just horrible - not taking the first opportunity to escape Werdum's guard and trying to physical bully the much larger Silva. Thirdly he hasn't kept up with the changes in the sport - doesn't look comfortable in the cage, bigger heavyweights are quicker and more coordinated, etc. Fourthly it just feels that the post-Pride era where he fought substandard competition dulled his fighting senses as he coasted against the likes of Hunt and Choi.

He could revitalise his career still (it is after all only two defeats) but I don't think his heart is into it. I'm convinced if it was up to him he'd just retire.
this pretty much sums it up. hes just bored and disinterested.
all this stuff about him getting old is nonsense. hes taken 1/3 of the punishment most 34 year old fighters have and is still sharp and quickfisted when on the attack.
hes still well capable of beating werdum and silva he just brought a horrible gameplan.
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