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Default Re: What's worse: nostalgia or anti-old timer bias?

Furthermore, there are good arguments that life is devolving. Even with all of today's modern technology its no more than improvements that have continued since its original invention from years ago or often thousands of years ago. We dont see inventors like Faraday, Newton, Pasteur, Edison, etc..
Then go back to the ancient Babylonian, Egyptians, and Greeks and you will see inventors even more amazing.

As for as physical attributes one must consider that today we are viewing the top athletes from a vastly greater population with vastly greater amount of sport organization. However there is overwelming evidence that modern man and beast has deminished in robustness overe the years. Do a search on the bigger brained, bigger boned, bigger musceled Neanderthal. Actually one could do a search on almost any modern critter and they will find a greatly more robust ancestor from the fossil record.

All life is deminishing-its called the law of thermodynamics and entropy. Even vegatables of today have lost huge percentages of their mineral content over the last 50 years. The sun is deminishing, the earths spin is slowing, ocean currents are slowing, the earth's internal heat is cooling, the magnetic field is weakening, the hydrologic cycle is drying up etc.......
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